• Make programming as easy as writing a Wiki page
  • Allow every user to change the data and the program (restricted only by policy rules)
  • Make heavy use of reused code
  • Provide support for development processes
  • Pf0mp Vision

Example: Task List Example


  • Every change is automatically versioned and self documented
  • Code and data is interchangeable
  • Data is everything that’s available in memory, on file system or in a database
  • All code fragments are everywhere and every time available
  • Same code (semantics) should exist only once
  • Concurring codes is executed in a Fuzzy way
  • Open interfaces to other systems
  • Implementation is on a central server – no code required on clients
  • Collaborative Programming
  • WikiWords

Implementation Hints

  • Based on some programmable Wiki
    • Configurable access rights
    • Customizable style sheets
    • Portal functionality
    • Information stored on files system or database
    • Behaves itself as an JSR 168 portlet
  • Enterprise Integration
    • WebServices
    • Favorites lists of Internet Explorer and Mozilla
    • Dynamic File Import
  • Workflow / Process modeling (With MBWiki a basic project management tool can be build easily)
  • Programming Language
    • test driven design (design by contract)
    • version control
    • database integration (inline SQL)
    • platform independence
    • support and restriction to coding standards
    • Design Patterns
    • Self documenting code
    • Rapid prototyping
    • (automatic) Refactoring - XP System
    • Continuous Integration
    • Allow for ProceduralCode, ObjectOrientedProgramming, FunctionalProgramming, DeclarativeProgramming
    • DistributedComputing and ConcurrentProgramming
    • FuzzyLogic and QuantumComputing
    • AutomatedCodeGeneration,
    • MetaProgramming
  • Collaboration Tools (Lotus Notes, Exchange)
    • mail
    • calendar
    • documents / content management
    • web links
  • Security Consideration

Abstract Grammar and Theory

  • Actor model / concurrent computing
  • model / type / category theory
  • domain theory and topology

Other Resources

In this Wiki I summarize topics and terms from my tweets and blogs.

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